Friday, November 9, 2012

Trend alert! Peter Pan Collars

As fall continues and winter comes closer there is one trend that will continue throughout these cold seasons. That is the adorable peter pan collar. Very stylish in several different styles and colors it is an easy trend to pull off and can add the needed "pop" to any outfit. I think the easiest way to transition this trend into the winter is by using either your own peter pan collar on a sweater or purchasing one attached. I think another great way to get this look is to pair a denim top underneath a sweater or let any collar peep out from underneath your sweater. It gives you warmth too!
Some of my favorites from the fall:
DKNY Lace Blouse
Sexy and sleek look

ASOS dress
Cute and chic
BP Sweatshirt
Simple "sailor" comfy look

I think that all of these would be great choices for fall especially if they were layered! Comfy but cute all at once. But what if you want to make your own collar? Well, it all takes some glue, fabric of choice (something that will hold the weight well), thread/tie to connect the backs and some bling (lace, pearls, glitter). I think this is the best DIY there is out there:
Moving onto the cold that is rapidly approaching.....what about winter? 
My favorite look, which I think anyone can look good in and keep warm in is a chunky sweater paired with a collar 

I wouldn't say there is a "key" to wearing this trend. I think it is meant to be taken as your own. You can really wear it with almost anything. I think it is perfect for those winter days where you want to be comfy yet cute. 
I'm going to be keeping with these types of posts and will hopefully have another trend post up soon as possible.
Questions? Comment below! What's your favorite collar and sweater pair?
Talk to you soon xoxo


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