Friday, August 24, 2012

Wait, you wanna do WHAT?

Hello bloggers and readers,
I want to focus this post on my majors in college currently. Because, as many of you well know...majors can be stressful. They ultimately make you decide what you want to do with your life. Which, as a young adult is, once again, stressful & totally terrifying. My freshman year--last year--I declared graphic design and art history. Why?
Graphic design has been something that has always been in the back of my mind since I started to mess with Photoshop. It came easy for me even when I was teaching myself. Then I began to take all of the possible classes at my high school. Which furthered my love for it even more. When I came to college I took a class which really challenged me and I realized that I really did have talent in this area. That I really could do something with it.  I thought then that I wanted to design album covers for bands because I would eat, sleep and breathe music... & I thought that until the beginning of this year.
Our assignment was: Blue. Don't know how this happened but it did.

Class assignment: recreate a cleaning product making it realistic as possible . As if it was photographed.

Something I just found, an abstract piece I did.

Art history was a spur of the moment class. A class to fill a section. It ended up being a head over heels in love class. Finally a class that truly made sense to me! Something that quickly soaked into my brain.  I've always struggled with studying. I'd spend hours and hours studying for a test only to fail it. No matter how hard I would try to pass, it didn't seem to work. I'd get nervous then everything would float out of my head.
Side story here:
Before I began my first year of college I spent a large time of my summer at a study skills center. The woman I was put with helped me learn how to study for the way my brain works. She knew something was off because I would get the first set of questions right but then I'd get every other one wrong on the next section. She sent me to the head of the center where I spent hours upon hours testing. At the end of summer, before I moved into college, I was diagnosed with ADHD & math dyslexia. Funny, right? After twelve years of schooling nobody ever caught that. I was a bright, quiet kid who would get the beginning of the test right but almost the rest of the questions wrong. In the end, I got an IEP that allows me more time and a separate room for testing. Back to the purpose here....
But what now?
With the two majors there's many possibilities. Almost too many that come in and out my head daily. I do still consider somehow going into the music business but I feel as though that isn't exactly logical and my parents would not approve. Then there's the completely artistic route: opening an exhibit or becoming a curator for one or working in an art museum as one of the curators. Then there's my dream right now: working in the fashion business. Designing the magazines, doing layouts or something along those lines. Instead of only eating, sleeping and breathing music I am also doing the same with fashion lately. It's something that passes through my mind multiple times a day. It's everywhere I look.
But when it comes down to it, I know that if I'm not happy, then I'm not in the right degree. I still have time to decide even though to me, it doesn't seem that way.
Did you have multiple dreams when you were in college? Any stories to share? Comment down below, I'd really appreciate it.
Have a great day,
Maggie xoxo


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