Thursday, August 16, 2012

Trend Alert! Denim Vests.

Hello blog world!
I hope you are all doing well and have had a great week--I believe that's how long it's been since my last post. Onto the point of my post! Denim vests. Not only are they the latest trend lately, but they are extremely versatile. Denim comes in all shapes and sizes. It's been around for ages and will be to come. Denim is iconic. The vest seems to only be ideal for this fashion era. Whether thrown over a simple dress to add the "rocker" vibe or paired with a tank and some skinny jeans they can be worn with many looks. Along with that, the jean vest can be layered for the colder seasons. I have seen them thrown over a hoodie to warm up during the fall and many come with fur for those cold winter months.
Kim Kardashian pictured here with a frayed denim vest paired with a simple white tank and black skinny jeans.

Jessica Alba pairs a floral maxi dress, tan heels, a hip length light wash vest, and an infinity scarf.
These two celebrities have the correct cut for not only their bodies but for the outfit they are wearing. Kim is wearing a cropped vest because of the long length of the tank top. Jessica went with a longer vest and I know what you're thinking, "but she is wearing a long dress, just like Kim's shouldn't hers be cropped as well?" But no readers! Do you notice that her dress almost appears as tank and skirt? By using a longer vest it flows well with her long skirt, elongating her body. 
Perfect for fall. A denim vest hoodie from svvply  can warm you up and add a grunge vibe to any look.
From the store lyst this vest has fur inside and gives a vintage feel. Perfect for layering during the winter or fall months.

Denim vests have been my favorites during these spring and summer months. I love to throw them over my high low dress from Charolette Russe and my black lace dress from American Eagle. ( I could no longer find the links for these on the stores websites!) 
A fashion board I created with some denim vests.
 They can be dressed up or down with some skinny jeans and heels or some gladiators and a floppy hat pictured above. 
Do you think this trend is going to stick around for long? Would you include this as a piece in your wardrobe? Let me know below! Have a wonderful evening!


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