Friday, September 28, 2012


Hello readers,
So, I actually shot a few pictures of my outfit earlier this morning but they somehow ended up missing! So I figured, I'd create a board instead as it is night time now and the lighting would be horrible.
Moving on!
Fall is finally here and today was the perfect temperature. My favorite season is fall--especially those days where it is not too hot but not too cold.
The font came out blurry, however I hope you like my OOTD!
I paired the shirt with a gray tank to balance all of the color and print I was wearing. I didn't wear the necklace as a collar, which is what it was sold as, instead as an original necklace. I only buttoned three of the buttons on the denim shirt then rolled the sleeves up to my elbows to really show off the watch. Paired with black lace TOMS because it was the perfect capri and TOMS weather (the lace is pretty much see-through, meaning that your feet will be cold).
I promise to update you all more frequently! Well, that cannot be a promise, but I'll try!
Hope you all are enjoying these last days of September!


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